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Network Outage Update

We've launched the Yogscast Community server which is a temporary server for you to play on while we rebuild the network! Connect using

We've created a page to update you all on the status of the Yogscast Community Network. You can view the latest updates here.

Community Announcement

On Wednesday 10th March 2021, at 1am GMT, the data centre our network is hosted in caught fire. Although Firefighters were on scene immediately, they were unable to contain the fire, and the building housing the machine our network is run on was destroyed. Unfortunately, we were unable to recover any of the data from that server, and as such, the Yogscast Community Network was destroyed along with it.

This is not the end of the Yogscast Community Network. We will be working to rebuild the network from the ground up. We don’t know how long this will take, or how long it will be until you’ll be able to play on the YCN again.

We understand that this is devastating news, it’s hit us all pretty hard. But we look forward to welcoming you back to the Yogscast Community Network as soon as we can!

We've launched a temporary server while we rebuild the network! You can join it by connecting to More info on the server is available on the Yogscord.

- Nairdwood and the Yogscast Community Network Team.

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